Abut Koi Fish

   Among the most popular pets nowadays are fishes. But, they are not just the ordinary fishes you see in the market; they are colorful ornamental fishes that adorn most of today’s landscaped-garden ponds and aquariums. And one of the most popular choices of fish pets is Koi fish. This fish has exceptional beauty that many fish-lovers loved; not to mention, it is considered as lucky fish.

    Basically, Koi fish is being considered as part of the carp family of domesticated and ornamental variations. It is widely available and domesticated in Japan as well as other country but has originated in China. And because of the Koi fish’s resemblance to goldfish, some people consider it as one but they are not. The resemblance is just because of the breeders’ effort to imitate goldfish.

   Probably, you’ll also be interested in having Koi fish as your pets. It should be no problem since many fish pet stores are selling them. However, there are several Koi fish information and facts that you should know in order to have successful and enjoyable Koi petting.

The Different Varieties of Koi Fish
     If you want to have Koi fish in your aquariums or ponds, the first thing you should know is the varieties of Koi fish available. This is important because you have to make sure that the breed or variety of Koi fish that you’re getting will suit the environment at your homes or where you intend to place them. In knowing their kinds or classifications, you will also know the right kind of food and other factors like water filters to use for your Koi
     Koi fish are being classified with several attributes like colors, scales, body patterns, mettalics, etc. Among the mos common colors of Koi fish are black, red, white and yellow.
The following are among the major Koi fish varieties:

Kohaku – this is a Koi with white skin and red pattern
Shusui – this the version of an Asagi that is partially-scaled
Asagi – this is a variety of Koi that has red scales on the bottom part of the body and light blue scales on the top part
Ogon – this Koi has one solid color which can be red, platinum, orange, cream or yellow; it could be in metallic or regular color
Doitsu-goi – this is the German Carp
Koromo – this fish has blue-edged scales, that is neatly aligned, on some parts of its body
Bekko – came in either white, yellow or red skin and usually has black pattern
Hikari-Moyomono – this Koi come in colored patterns on a metallic base; and it also come in two metallic colors
Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) – this Koi has a red and black pattern and comes in white body color
Goshiki - this Koi is usually black in color and has white, red, blue and brown and accents
KinGinRin – this is a Koi fish type that has shiny scales
Showa Sanshoku (Showa) – this Koi has black skin accented with patterns of red and white
Utsurimono – this is the black Koi featuring patterns in red, yellow or white
Kawarimono – considered as Koi fish’s miscellaneous type
Tancho – a Koi with white body color and a single red patch on its head
    There are many varieties and sub-varieties of Koi fish and these are just among them. You may consult some Koi fish experts or read articles in magazines and online websites about Koi fish if you want to get more Koi fish information.

Taking Care of Your Koi Fish

     Another important thing, and probably the most vital, that you should know about Koi fish is how to take care of them. You must know their needs to keep them healthy and alive; any neglect in these aspects will eventually lead to your Koi fish’s death. Seasonal care of your Koi fish is very important; Koi fish have different caring needs for every season. Like, in Springtime, you should give close attention to your Koi since water temperature seems to rise and fall at this moment.

    Proper feeding of your Koi is also important in taking care of them. Be sure to give them the right kind of food and to give them the right amount. When feeding, you should consider factors like the size of the pond and filter as well as the type of filter you use. It is also important to note the amount of time you have for cleanig your air filters. The season and th number of Koi fish in a pond or aquarium is also vital for proper feeding.

   These are just among the things that you ought to know before taking your Koi fishes home. Be sure to ask advice from Koi fish experts or the pet shop owner for the vital facts that you must know to keep your Koi with you longer.