Koi Quality

    40% The most important quality of good Koi is SIZE!! Like a Sumo wrestler bigger is better. You can't always control size
  • since you may have Koi that were not well fed at the proper times,
  • or your pond may be too small,
  • or the water quality, oxygen levels or temperature may not be ideal
  • or the Koi may be weak and sick from parasites, bacterial, viral or fungal infections.
    Part of size is shape and volume.
  • Symmetry in shape is very important i.e., the head, mouth, eyes, fins, etc. Any deformities are marked off  

    In most shows Koi are grouped by size and then judged within that size grouping. Although the "Grand Champion" will usually be picked from the largest size group, within a given size group pattern becomes the next most important criteria

   20% Pattern (in one color Koi obviously there is no pattern) unique patterns are desirable
  •  lightning patterns are even better
  • crisp edges to patterns are preferred
  • lack of blemishes are important
  • no "dirty" face, head, nostrils, etc.
  • in Doitsu the scale pattern should be symmetrical

20% The next quality point is color
  •  depth and purity of color is very important a delicate creamy white with a depth to it
  • a deep black (the old adage is black comes - and expands)
  • a pure red (the old adage is red goes)
  • the depth of lustre is sought after especially in metallic varieties
 20% The next quality point is their star celebrity elegance
  • intelligence and personality
  • social behavior and graces
  • regal presence while swimming around pond