Keeping Koi and the Art

   There are different reasons why Koi fish keeping can be called an art. The art of Koi fish keeping is called thus because of its nature as an activity.

   The art of Koi fish rises from the fact that it is a form of collecting. Finding different varieties of Koi fish and putting this in one collection is art. Trying to bring different varieties of Koi fish is art. Being able to track down the varieties and get them is art. Expressing the balance of life is art.
    However, there are those who do not really deserve to call themselves artists. People who breed Koi fish irresponsibly and without regard for the ecosystem are not artists. Did you know that overpopulation of Koi fish in one area can render the waters in that area useless as a drinking supply? If Koi are allowed to overrun a body of water, their activity would make the water not even fit for herd animals.
   Keeping of Koi fish is art because of the fact that you are trying to preserve life. You put together different elements of their ecosystem and bring these elements into a balance that actually supports lives. The keeping of Koi fish involves different elements such as water, food, filters, and other things that the Koi fish needs to stay alive. Like a painter, you bring these elements together into something that can be viewed as a work of art. You have to think of the different elements and how they fit together. You need to think about how one element should balance out the other.

  Other than the artificial ecosystem, you also have to keep an eye on the different methods of feeding and the different varieties of food you need to give to the Koi fish. Art is distinguished by the pursuit of perfection. You try to create what in your sight is the best creation. You have a vision and you work towards that.

   Putting together an artificial ecosystem can be just as profound and satisfying as composing a sonata or choreographing a dance. It can have just as much depth as writing a good novel or singing with a voice full of emotion.

   Keeping Koi fish is art because of the fact that you need to be vigilant and persistent in breeding in order to get the perfect colors for your fish. Like a painter trying out shades in a pallet, a Koi keeper needs to choose the right fish to breed in order to manipulate the genetic pool of his pets. He also needs to know which Koi fish to introduce into the ecosystem in order to maintain the harmony within it.
   Art is called art because it allows a person to express his or her feelings and come up with something that other people can appreciate. Koi keeping is an art if people do it for their own pleasure. However, it becomes a science if they do it as a means of living.

    You see, this is how you separate art from science: Science is how we live, but art is what we live for.

   The complexities of Koi fish keeping render it as both art and science. While involving genetics, it also requires the artist’s eye for color, symmetry and perfection. What you perceive as beautiful is perfect in your reality. Although you cannot know what is real and what is not, remember that even in dreams our choices matter.